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DESIGN: Submerged Turntable by Evan Holm

Artist Evan Holm is convinced that ‘there will be a time when all tracings of human culture will dissolve back into the soil under the slow crush of the unfolding universe’. 

To demonstrate these rather dark thoughts, he created a submerged record player that’s still producing a nearly perfect audio as demonstrated in the short video below.

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Mushroom Upside Down Sculptures by Carsten Holler

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M.I.A. for Modzik Magazine

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sketchbook part 6

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Shit is pretty deep.

This is why I love you

moths are my existence

"She’s an utterly mad and depraved gipsy nymphet, of course."

this guy came up to my desk to pick up a package and his friend was with him and they were like joking around n stuff and the guy was like “maybe it’s my phone case!” but his package was like enormous so when i brought it out i was like “it’s probably not a phone case unless you have the iphone 6 plus” which is a toTAL dad joke BUT AN AMAZING ONE and there were just crickets and i was so disappointed BECAUSE THAT’S FUNNY OKAY